MediaStore Solutions

MediaStore's flexibility ensures that it can excel at your business needs, no matter if you are looking for a content and asset management hub, a powerful suite of marketing tools and/or a fulfilment platform.

MediaStore for Catalogue & Archival

  • Centralize your data with MediaStore to make remote and low-touch interactions run smoother than ever
  • No need to run dedicated systems on your end: all you’ll require to access MediaStore’s easy-to-use interface is a web browser
  • Encrypted video streaming and asset storage keeps your content safe, while our granular access model and optional security measures (2FA, burn-in or forensic watermarks, SSO) put you in control
  • Fast migration: mediafellows can consolidate your data from several migration points thanks to our data migration workflows and flexible metadata schemas
  • Several solutions, one platform: we support multi-device usage and multiple asset types, with video screening, multi-language support, TV casting, phone/tablet app and browser interfaces

Take a look at our projects showcasing our archive & online catalogue features here.

MediaStore for Marketing & Sales

  • Set up your sales website with our compelling and responsive interfaces to refocus on what matters: letting your content shine
  • Direct online marketing via the MediaStore’s client-facing catalog site, video conferencing and email marketing tools let you showcase selected titles to a targeted audience
  • The MediaStore’s detailed analytics help you capture every opportunity with measurable outcomes, integrated straight into your current tools and processes
  • Leverage our turnkey white-label sales website design or go for a fully custom look and feel to align with your corporate identity, even without a go-to designer on your end
  • Enhance your client experience with new features like fully flexible wish lists, recommendations, screening rooms and more

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MediaStore for Licensing & Purchasing

  • Swiftly set up a shoppable marketplace with MediaStore
  • Licensing and purchasing solutions that work for your content - with or without royalty fees, auto-contractual, with guarantees that fees are collected, and many more customizable features
  • Fully integrated payment solution so your customers never have to leave your website, keeping you in control of the user journey throughout the checkout process
  • White label templates plus thorough customization that achieves a cohesive corporate identity with a swift time-to-market and no additional designers or developers needed
  • Constant updates and expansions with roadmaps specific to your needs ensures your UI stays ahead of the curve, always

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MediaStore for Asset Distribution

  • We take care of all file and metadata deliveries: once you partner with mediafellows, you never need to think about your fulfilment workflows again
  • MediaStore’s impressive UI with multi-device experience makes low-touch and remote interactions run smoother than ever
  • Let your clients show you which assets they need with fully flexible wish lists, recommendations reviews, baskets and more
  • Self-service downloads, Aspera server auto-distribution and the ability to deliver directly to the client’s FTP server – we’ll make sure your assets will reach their destination without needless overhead
  • The powerful MediaStore API provides comprehensive integration opportunities with your existing databases, storage servers, tools and processes

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