Recent Projects

Have a look at the websites we successfully operate on the MediaStore platform. Don't hesitate getting in touch with us if you would like to know more details about a particular project.

NBCUniversal Passport

Which requirements?
  • Fundamental restructuring of asset servicing business
  • Consolidation of metadata and assets from multiple disparate systems
  • Integration of licensing data and automated access provisioning
  • High influx of new metadata and assets
Why MediaStore?
  • Flexible infrastructure and meta-models
  • Scalable storage and capacity for high-volume throughput
  • Separation of client base into sales-oriented business units with bespoke browsing experience
  • Highly involved support and consultation on further system extensions and custom developments
  • Reliable API-based ingress of metadata, assets and license data from external systems

Lionsgate LGTV

Which requirements?
  • Carryover of existing custom design from MediaStore 1.0 to 2.0
  • Bespoke Apple TV and mobile apps for a comprehensive user experience
  • Custom extensions such as back-and-forth switching between admin and client site
  • Synchronization with external content database for automated metadata creation and update
Why MediaStore?
  • Positive experience over years of running on MediaStore 1.0
  • Easy-to-use toolbox of sales functionality for sales team
  • Glossy one-stop show pages with filtering for e.g. video type or season
  • Full lockdown of catalog without any publicly reachable content
  • Assignment of dedicated sales representative to each client
  • Pull-based metadata sync workflow maps existing external metadata format into MediaStore

eOne Preview

Which requirements?
  • Replacement of previous generic MediaStore 1.0 site with a fresh design
  • Migration of all content, assets and users (including passwords) for a seamless continuation
  • Implementation of a modern bespoke design and compelling user experience
Why MediaStore?
  • Long-time customer with heavy MediaStore usage for sales & marketing
  • MediaStore 2.0's readymade standard design offers a state-of-the-art responsive design which can be customized with few tweaks
  • Design add-ons (e.g. custom landing page layout) as well as new features (news feed) could be added easily
  • MediaStore 2.0 shortens a content buyer's pathway to screen their desired content as much as feasible
  • Screening recommendation links can be sent directly from MediaStore or incorporated into external email communication

ORF-Enterprise Content Sales International

Which requirements?
  • Provide a single destination for content sales & marketing
  • Ingest a large initial stock of videos, images and ancillary assets from various source
  • Connect to on-prem system such as ORF's CRM
Why MediaStore?
  • Hassle-free day-to-day management of content catalog and assets
  • Sleek client-facing site in responsive design
  • Easily configurable instant screening links with direct report into ORF's CRM system
  • Analytics tracking on key client activities such as page views and screening durations
  • Video conferencing for online catalog showcase events

Louis Armstrong House Museum

Which requirements?
  • First-time digitization and consolidation of entire digital and physical asset catalog
  • Custom-styled client site with in-depth asset browsing and filtering
  • Straightforward license request workflow and processing of payments
  • Usage as one-stop in-house asset research tool
Why MediaStore?
  • Highly scalable asset storage and instant preview for most asset types, including video, audio and PDF
  • Custom specialized metadata schema and structuring of assets into discrete collections
  • Client site layout implemented from scratch to match Louis Armstrong House's visual identity
  • Public preview database and extended logged-in client area with user-driven folders and baskets
  • CMS-style management of asset highlights and collections
  • Shopping cart style license ordering process with built-in validation and payment processing

France Television Distribution

Which requirements?
  • Replacement of older non-responsive catalog and screening platform
  • Low-cost customization of an existing generic design
  • Custom add-ons such as a custom client-facing dashboard page and modified screening packages
Why MediaStore?
  • Competitive implementation cost and monthly fee
  • Highly involved personal support during implementation and day-to-day usage
  • In-depth consulting on further features with sales & marketing team during a post-launch fine-tuning stage
  • Flexible internal user roles including a newly commissioned Sales Agent role with restricted admin site access
  • Comprehensive layout tweaks on client site with little cost footprint

Red Arrow Studios

Which requirements?
  • Upgrade existing MediaStore 1.0 platform with a new design matching the corporate identity
  • Access to extended analytics for further in-house processing
  • GDPR-compliant registration and tracking of client users
Why MediaStore?
  • MediaStore already established with sales & marketing team as a for catalog site and tool for targeted screening links
  • Flexible modification of metadata models to display custom information to clients
  • Time- and money-saving approximation of RASI's CI by adding corporate font and minor custom elements to existing standard design
  • Ready-to-go mobile screening app for markets and meetings
  • Comprehensive public catalog with easily imposed access restrictions for sensitive titles and videos

Dynamic Television

Which requirements?
  • Scalable, easy-to-use screening website for growing sales & distribution business
  • Storage and delivery of high-resolution audiovisual master files
  • Adaptation of corporate identify without excessive overhead costs
Why MediaStore?
  • Easy on-boarding of content and assets
  • Public catalog and access restriction to full-length screeners for logged-in clients
  • Easily manageable Press section, Contact page and hero slider
  • Competitive all-inclusive cost package
  • Secure storage and delivery of high-resolution materials

TF1 Pro

Which requirements?
  • Scalable, easy-to-use screening website for a dedicated press audience
  • Distribution of press and marketing material
Why MediaStore?
  • Easy provisioning of content and assets via the internet
  • Granular access control to allow selected users to access exclusive content