mediafellows Unveils MediaStore 3.0

mediafellows Unveils MediaStore 3.0

The sleek, cinematic client UI of MediaStore 3.0

  • 28 May 2024

MediaStore 3.0, available now to all existing and new customers, boasts a revamped admin interface, enhanced features, and more flexible customization than ever before — plus, a glossy new white-label client site with extended functionality directly in the interface.

Initially conceived as an internal refactoring project, the focus on improvements of MediaStore's underlying structure provided the perfect opportunity to update the look and experience of the platform with a full redesign, enhancing technical functionality and streamlining redundant features for a smoother user journey.

mediafellows has three overarching goals for MediaStore 3.0. Firstly, to focus on improvements to the underlying architecture, ensuring the platform is absolutely future-proof.

Secondly, to expand our services to cover the entire content lifecycle, from conception to delivery and purchase, making MediaStore a 360° solution. This will include expanding on our newest Delivery features with delivery profiles, a wide choice of services, and detailed fulfillment analytics. Lastly, to delineate between user groups during this cycle by concentrating sales and marketing functionality directly on the client site, while more technical processes like Digital Asset Management (DAM) and pre-production asset handling would be actioned on the admin site — ensuring users can access the functionalities relevant to them without interruption.

CMS Layout Editor

A new MediaStore CMS layout editor, giving users complete control over how their content is presented on their client-facing website, is already in the process of launching later this year. Different products with different needs can now have their own page identity — focus on a full-page screener layout, emphasize insightful information with additional metadata using the in-line editor, or enrich content with a custom title treatment overlay, additional visuals, and even background videos. Layout editing has been trialed previously as a request-only add-on, but will now be included as a standard feature with ongoing developments.

Extended Sales Features + Asset Delivery

New features rolled out in the current launch include extended functionality to organize information within the admin UI, upgraded analytics, an integrated Events & Markets section with a calendar for internal use and a promotional section on the client site, and an intuitive Delivery Wizard that you can use to distribute your assets in just 3 steps. In addition, the MediaStore white-label client site gets a polished design upgrade (fully customizable to any extent), with a bold focus on content and streaming-style intuitive features like dark-mode and easy-to-manage multi-language capabilities — so you can present your titles in cinematic quality, fresh out the box.

Our first select clients that have already been migrated to MediaStore 3.0 have remarked that the UI is “effortless to get started with”. Our newly expanded analytics has been noted as particularly impressive, with one studio MD noting “your platform really has everything we need”.

Torsten Graf-Oettel, MD at mediafellows, expressed his enthusiasm for the new release: “In MediaStore 3.0, the mediafellows team has developed a powerful product that adapts to any client’s needs for a dynamic online presence. With sleek, ultra-modern UI designs MediaStore 3.0 sets a new standard for managing, marketing, and distributing audiovisual content. I’m proud to congratulate the team on a future-proof solution that empowers global media enterprises to captivate audiences and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.”

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