MediaBench Continues to Evolve and Innovate

MediaBench Continues to Evolve and Innovate

Upload reference images directly into comment discussions in the MediaBench interface

  • 25 March 2024

Since the launch of MediaBench in late 2023, the development team here at mediafellows has made leaps and bounds in improving and refining the tool, including versioning and comment topic features, and our early adopters are reaping the benefits.

By streamlining their processes with MediaBench, early adopters have already unlocked a host of impressive advantages.

Targeted approval and time-sensitive, comprehensive review options make this the perfect tool to share for review; as a result, MediaBench is now being used by one of the largest global corporations to submit their content to certification boards for rating.

With our cutting-edge AI/ML translation services, MediaBench is already engaged in translating and diversifying English language formats to the enormous APAC market with great success. In addition, our lightning-fast autogenerated transcription services slash review times, providing essential information at a glance in any scenario.

More of our early adopters tell us that they have alleviated tool fatigue thanks to our user-friendly interface, meticulously tested to require minimal onboarding. Innovative features like precise on-frame visual markup, @mentions, and tags make communication crystal clear.

Uniquely, users can be invited to any level of the project (from single assets to entire project folders), eliminating the need to duplicate files into isolated project folders when working with third parties. With everything centralized in our cloud-based solution, teams enjoy unified workflows and unlimited sharing — all regulated by flexible granular access controls for maximum adaptable security.

Development of new features is ongoing, with the latest innovations including version stacking, comment topics, mass actions, options for gallery/table/tile view, and access management overview.

The idea for Comment Topics in MediaBench arose from a crucial client feedback experience, addressing the chaos of digital communication within the comments section. Drawing inspiration from platforms like Reddit and Slack, Comment Topics restructures discussions, allowing users to create focused dialogues around specific themes or user groups, revolutionizing collaboration and workflow management for teams.

MediaBench's new version stacking feature organizes file versions — streamlining collaboration and communication. It consolidates all versions in one place, allowing for easy comparison, tracking changes, and minimizing errors, ultimately enhancing workflow efficiency.

The MediaBench development roadmap contains many exciting new features in the works, including side-by-side comparison of assets, PDF and audio support, new approval workflows, real-time analytics, and accelerated video and image upload.

To join our community of early adopters and help shape MediaBench into your dream tool, enquire about our waiting list at