Pixelogic Acquires mediafellows, Expanding its Digital Distribution Solutions for Content Owners

  • 27 February 2024

Pixelogic, a global provider of premium creative, localization, and distribution services for the media and entertainment industry, has acquired the Berlin, Germany based content platform provider mediafellows.

Established in 2020, mediafellows is an innovative provider of B2B SaaS solutions that enable media asset management, content marketing and sales, and cloud-based fulfillment services. Current customers include the world’s leading brands and most recognized studios, streaming platforms, and broadcasters. Its most popular multi-tenant platform, MediaStore, is used by global content owners to help them manage, market, and distribute their features, series, and related promotional materials.

mediafellows software and technology operates directly from the cloud and allows content owners to either outsource or self-manage and internally control their content within their instance of the platform. Content owners can also grant selective access permissions to third parties, so that supply chain providers, such as creative or localization vendors, can ingest finished assets directly into the platform. Access can also be granted to potential content buyers or licensees enabling the ability to securely screen features or series online. Once the content sales process concludes, licensed titles and related promotional material—such as key art, trailers, ancillary assets, and metadata are processed according to the specification requirements and electronically delivered to the licensee or offered for self-service download.

"The acquisition of mediafellows represents our ongoing commitment to deliver next-gen, value-adding solutions to our customer base," said John Suh, Co-President of Pixelogic. "In this case, the solutions fall into the digital distribution category with a fully cloud-based and customer controlled media asset management platform, a wide range of B2B content marketing and sales features, and a highly scalable digital distribution capability that enables the efficient delivery of licensed titles directly to worldwide buyers."

Torsten Graf-Oettel, Founder and CEO of mediafellows noted, "We are thrilled to join the Pixelogic and Imagica family, where we see an opportunity to integrate with their sophisticated technology applications and industry-leading supply chain services. Pixelogic already creates many of the assets that end up in our platforms, so the opportunity to deeply integrate systems and automate workflows makes tremendous sense for us and our customers."

Pixelogic plans to make additional investments in mediafellows to accelerate its development and integration roadmap with Pixelogic’s core technology and services.

Rob Seidel, Co-President of Pixelogic said, "We have been partners with mediafellows for several years now, so we are very familiar with their team and proven technology. We also service many of the same customers and have first-hand feedback on their satisfaction with mediafellows platforms and related performance."

The transaction closed in February.

For more information on mediafellows, please contact info@mediafellows.com

Pixelogic, a subsidiary of the IMAGICA GROUP, is a global provider of creative, localization, and distribution services for the media and entertainment industry. Built on advanced next generation workflows and operations in Burbank, Culver City, London, Cairo, Cape Town, Seoul, and Tokyo, Pixelogic services the industry’s leading content owners including the major Hollywood studios, streaming platforms, and broadcasters. Pixelogic services include marketing and promotional material design and versioning, scripting, subtitling, text and metadata localization, access services, foreign language dubbing, audio services, digital cinema mastering and key fulfillment, home entertainment mastering, compression and authoring for physical media formats, transcoding and packaging for digital distribution formats, archive services, and custom software and application development services.