RX France and mediafellows Find Success Again with New & Improved Screening Libraries for MIPJUNIOR and MIPCOM

RX France and mediafellows Find Success Again with New & Improved Screening Libraries for MIPJUNIOR and MIPCOM

MIPJUNIOR 2023 in Cannes, France

  • 31 October 2023

Continuing their ongoing cooperation with RX France, mediafellows built a brand new digital content platform for MIPCOM CANNES 2023 and took the user experience and feature offering for MIPJUNIOR to new heights — all powered by MediaStore.

The MIPJUNIOR Screening Library pre-opened for catalogue discovery on October 2nd, with full screenings starting on October 13th to align with the onsite event, and will remain accessible until November 15th. Meanwhile, the entirely digital MIPCOM Digital Content Library opened on October 2nd and remained accessible throughout the week. It will continue to be available for several months, providing an extended opportunity for registered buyers to discover new projects and finished programmes. In total, the projects served over 3500+ buyers and more than 1330+ titles.

The MIPCOM digital content platform is a brand new project for both mediafellows and RX France, who are looking to expand their online offering in new and innovative ways. For MIPJUNIOR, it is the second time the pair has collaborated on a screening platform, with mediafellows making innovative new enhancements in this iteration thanks to the direction provided by RX France following exhaustive customer feedback surveys and interviews conducted after last year's event. In addition, continuous optimization by the mediafellows development team of back-end functionality automated many tedious manual processes. This allowed them to achieve not only a significant upgrade in record time but also to optimize the process for RX France to enter and sync required data, as well as to provide support to on-site participants.

Content discovery is made easier than ever with new search filters and clear visual presentation of genres — especially for the complex and wide-ranging genre structure covered by MIPCOM CANNES. Users interested in both markets can log in seamlessly with single sign-on. The UI design for MIPJUNIOR has been updated to be clean and simple with a focus on the visual, and these bold design principles have been carried over to the MIPCOM digital content platform. All pages display unrivalled device adaptability thanks to coherent updates in dynamic responsive layouts, suggested and implemented by mediafellows beyond RX France's expectation. The design now offers more advertising opportunities for their clients within the platform, including new banner slots on the publicly accessible login page, significantly expanding ad reach.

RX France and mediafellows Find Success Again with New & Improved Screening Libraries for MIPJUNIOR and MIPCOM

Content Discovery at MIPJUNIOR

Following the success of the many new features developed for MIPDOC held in Spring this year, mediafellows rolled them out for the fall market. MIPJUNIOR participants can now take notes while screening within the platform, export them for later reference, or access them in the new 'Recently Viewed' page. In addition, mediafellows proposed and implemented a successful improvement for buyers to manage content selections more conveniently by providing the option to add or remove several library titles to/from Playlists or Favorites at once. Extended document import now allows the display of PDFs in addition to videos and images — especially crucial for content still in development that relies on supporting documents to show their long-term vision.

Throughout both events, mediafellows provided daily emailed viewer reports, tailored for content buyers and sellers. Analytics have been optimized, featuring improved data aggregation for a straightforward overview, prioritizing the most relevant information for each type of delegate and allowing both sellers and buyers to quickly locate the needed information for their follow-up meetings or emails. Additionally, a master report is generated for RX France to understand the events’ performance based on a range of key metrics.

Aurélien Baujault, Director of Digital in the Entertainment Division at RX France, said of the project: "The MIPJUNIOR Screening Library and the MIPCOM Digital Content Platform look fantastic. Gearing up for the market, I couldn't wait to share the new improved experience with the participants, and the volume of positive feedback we keep receiving about the digital screenings is overwhelming. Thank you again for another successful collaboration."

Product Owner at mediafellows, who managed both the MIPJUNIOR and MIPCOM projects, Polina Axenova added, "We are extremely proud of the quality of the platforms launched for the 2023 MIP markets – a testament to the hard work of the team here at mediafellows and the thorough user research conducted by RX France. It is such a pleasure to watch our partnership grow."

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MIPCOM CANNES leads a portfolio of markets and conferences from RX France’s Entertainment Division staged for the international television distribution and production community year-round alongside MIPTV (featuring MIPDOC and MIPFORMATS), MIP CANCUN and MIPJUNIOR.

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