MediaBench - the Future of Media Review and Approval, Elevated with AI/ML Augmentation

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  • 16 October 2023

mediafellows is thrilled to announce the official launch of MediaBench, a groundbreaking review and approval tool designed to streamline the media production and collaboration process — boosted by the latest AI/ML technology.

At an October 2022 conference, mediafellows co-founder Torsten Graf-Oettel noticed a recurring issue in colleagues' feedback about review and approval processes. Lost or misunderstood comments caused expensive delays, and emerging markets had to go largely untapped due to the long process and costs involved in localization. Client feedback at the mediafellows office confirmed this. Extensive research revealed a gap in the market where existing tools had complex interfaces — leading to endless onboarding, workflow challenges, and escalating costs. In response, mediafellows streamlined the development of a user-centric, simplified product to address these issues.

Space to Collaborate.

MediaBench has been designed to keep collaboration clear and credible, prioritizing original features unseen before in the review and approval tool market. Support for visual markup, image upload as well as textual comments allows users to express precisely what they mean without the need to switch between multiple tools during the review process.

As a cloud-based solution, MediaBench keeps your workflow online, updated and accessible. No more repetition in forgotten email threads to clients, drop boxes to share larger file sizes, screenshots with notes and drawings attached to messaging apps, working files stored locally and lost, and disjointed navigation throughout. Project management becomes smooth and harmonised in one place. On-frame annotations with precision accuracy keep feedback on screen, and comment @mentions flag up important information to the right people exactly when they need it.

MediaBench’s granular access controls ensure you can keep your project assets in one place, with adaptive permissions for content visibility. Different collaborators can be invited on several levels: from projects and folders, down to individual assets. Invite external contractors with unlimited sharing links (and optionally set link expiration dates) to view content in Presentation Mode, which hides all internal comments. Content is unified for a single-source experience.

AI/ML for Explosive Market Growth.

In addition to an intuitive UI that delivers unambiguous collaboration, mediafellows sought to provide added value with trailblazing features that unlock global market potential.

Cherry-picking from the best AI/ML services to suit each requirement, MediaBench reduces the lengthy and expensive process of sourcing studios for subtitling and localization to mere minutes. Of course, autogeneration is not yet perfect at capturing cultural nuance, so the mediafellows team developed inline editing directly on screen for quick amendments without exporting to third-party tools. MediaBench is already being used to translate and diversify English language formats to the enormous APAC market with great success.

While multi-language translation is the key use case for audio transcription, the opportunities are endless. Early adopters have remarked that not only can they review video on the go with accessible subtitles, but content buyers have saved hours of review time as they can quickly get the gist of new content from autogenerated transcripts. The potential for AI-powered timestamped scene markers, reference titles, synopses, and keyword extraction is already being explored by mediafellows. This would not only offer unbeatable search, analysis, and documentation capabilities but also provide an unrivaled ability to present and sell content online.

Torsten Graf-Oettel, founder and managing director of mediafellows:
“I'm thrilled that with MediaBench, mediafellows is able to offer the film industry an intuitive tool for cost-effective, unrestricted review and approval. By integrating cutting-edge AI/ML services, MediaBench makes future technology accessible for content creators of all levels, quickly and affordably.”

Xenia Zhukova, product owner for MediaBench, added:
“A lot of hard work and talent has gone into this project from the team at mediafellows, with special thanks to my colleagues Oleg Bovykin for leading the project and Konstantin Gorozhankin for his genius development mastery. I’ve given it my all, and the features and design have far surpassed my hopes.”

Oleg Bovykin, team lead for MediaBench, summarised:
“Introducing a fresh product development approach with Xenia’s background yielded exciting new consumer insights, surprising even industry veterans like mediafellows co-founders Torsten Graf-Oettel and Holger Hendel. Our core team was incredibly agile, which meant we were able to go from conception to realisation efficiently — even with an extensive research development phase. The positive feedback from our early adopters is truly gratifying.”

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