Bien Joué! Newen Connects International Markets with MediaStore.

Bien Joué! Newen Connects International Markets with MediaStore.

Newen Connect Website

  • 09 February 2023

Newen Studios Group kickstarted 2023 with the launch of their first-ever dual-language sales and marketing website which serves the French domestic as well as international market – in partnership with mediafellows.

Having previously hosted content across different platforms, Newen Studios Group recognized the need for both consolidation and customization to effectively target their home market, France, as well as maintain global reach. Not only would this mean displaying content in multiple languages, but also differentiating the publishing of content and data depending on the relevant target market. Therefore, the necessary consolidation of over 50,000 assets previously housed in separate production company archives of the Newen Studios Group was a complex project that mediafellows proved more than capable of delivering.

The new sales and marketing website automatically switches to French or English based on the user's region or language preferences and shows particular geolocated content catalogs and marketing assets – with all this data being constantly synchronized automatically between Newen Studios Group’s on-premise storage systems and MediaStore. There’s no need for them to manage multiple websites in different languages or for separate markets – mediafellows’ fully integrated solution means that the entire process, from content upload to publishing and marketing, can be completed within one platform.

Content ‘collections’ can be compiled easily within the admin UI, adding another level of flexibility to regional and market-specific output. Newen Studios Group’s clients and team members alike will be able to view screeners, detailed metadata, as well as the production status for each of the 15,000 hours of TV Programs and films – making the website a central source of invaluable shared information from multiple branches of the Newen Studios Group. User information in the form of analytics data is reported back to their CRM platform allowing their sales team to gain valuable insights, e.g., into actual interests and demands for content.

In fact, MediaStore integrates so seamlessly with third-party platforms that sales agents can approve registrations within the CRM, get insights into comprehensive usage data, and even reach out to prospects by recommending shows and films of potential interest without leaving their primary sales tool. Additional tools and features such as an iOS-based mobile application allow offline content screening, making offline sales presentations easier than ever.

Newen Connect CEO Rodolphe Buet commented: "I am so glad that we launched the website. Our project manager Hannah Horner as well as mediafellows did a fantastic job managing the project and worked relentlessly for the successful launch. Thank you for the great collaboration."

mediafellows founder Torsten Graf-Oettel added: “It is always a huge challenge and plenty of details to obey when connecting several on-premise and cloud-based systems and ensure a smooth workflow for the end users. With all the hard work of the various stakeholders, we've successfully managed to achieve Newen Studios Group’s primary goals of data consistency, seamless data flow, and minimized manual interactivity. Of course, the ultra-modern UI/UX of the new website does its part to underline the great achievements done with this launch.”

Newen Connect, one of the leading distribution companies in Europe and 100% owned by Newen Studios (a TF1 Group Company), distributes its inhouse productions as well as those of third-party producers throughout the world. Newen Connect offers a catalogue of multi-genre programmes with more than 800 feature films and 6000 hours of TV, including fictions, documentaries, animation, and formats. Newen Connect is a leading partner for producers in the development and financing of international co-production projects. Thanks to Newen Studios' internal network, privileged relationships with broadcasters, streamers and theatrical distributors, Newen Connect is offering to talents an unique access to a worldwide audience.

Newen Studios, a subsidiary of the TF1 group, is a major fast growing European player in audiovisual production and distribution, with a multi-genre strategy (drama, film, animation, TV movie, documentary, non-scripted…). Deeply rooted in 11 countries, the group has more than 50 creative labels and a passionate overall team of 600 people each bringing their unique expertise. Shows produced by Newen Studios are exported globally alongside a curated slate of third party programming, thanks to its distribution subsidiary Newen Connect whose activities help to shine a light on European content.

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