ITV Studios' new MediaStore iOS app proves hit at MipCom

ITV Studios' new MediaStore iOS app proves hit at MipCom

  • 01 November 2022

Covering the whole pitch process from scheduling to streaming, the ITV Studios sales team brought their new mediafellows-built mobile app to the stage at the industry’s busiest event of the season, MIPCOM.

Officially launched in August, mediafellows worked closely with ITV Studios to bring their cutting-edge content to any screen, anywhere, with their new sales and marketing iPad app – available now in the App Store.

With brand new features conceptualized by mediafellows like their in-built scheduling tool Meeting Manager, the sales workflow for MIPCOM was smoother than ever. Advanced filters and time-zone configuration made it easy to see which location was required by which ITV Studios hosts, and impossible to double-book.

In addition, the functionality extended far beyond a simple calendar tool to provide all presentation resources in one place. Sales agents compiled playlists of specific content in preparation for each meeting, adding relevant decks and PDFs, and then attached them all straight into their Meeting Manager bookings to pull up instantly on-site. Mobile synced collections allowed the sales team to download relevant content to stream offline, under any conditions, while simple point-and-click UX and screen mirroring made for intuitive playback and a polished client presentation.

Not only did the app features enhance the planning and delivery of the sales process, but they enabled more effective follow-ups with mediafellows’ Recommendations function; throughout meetings, sales agents could flag products of interest with one simple click, which they could review afterward and pursue by sending their clients a targeted view of all the products they ‘liked’.

mediafellows founder Torsten Graf-Oettel added, “ITV Studios are always a pleasure to work with, and we were glad to be on-site to deliver support for our product – and even more glad that they didn’t need it!”


ITV Studios is a creator, producer and distributor of world-leading programmes that people can’t get enough of. We connect millions of people every day and shape and reflect the world they live in, we are More Than TV.

ITV Studios is home to some of the best creative minds, crafting over 7,000 hours of original programming across 60 production labels. Our global footprint spans 13 countries including the UK, US, Australia, France, Germany, The Nordics, Italy and the Netherlands and our global distribution business sells our catalogue of 90,000+ hours to broadcasters and platforms around the world.

ITV Studios is part of ITV PLC, which includes the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster.

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