MediaStore Screening Conferences now available to preview

MediaStore Screening Conferences now available to preview

Screening Conference Moderator View

  • 08 February 2021

mediafellows is proud to announce the launch of its own conferencing tool, combining the "talking head" video conferencing functionality offered by many software players with the unique ability to stream promo and screener videos directly to participants, leveraging MediaStore's well-established and highly secure multi-bitrate video streaming engine. With this functionality, mediafellows aims to provide those reliant on conferencing technology with an added value unique to MediaStore, resulting in a one-stop tool to personally present exciting content to content buyers in a compelling and technically frictionless manner.

Users will be able to prepare and schedule conferencing calls directly within the MediaStore platform, including playlists of videos. During the meeting, the moderator can engage with participants face-to-face as well as share videos, which are streamed directly to participants via a front-and-center player at optimum quality. This eliminates the need for sharing videos via external links or relying on screen-sharing a video played on the moderator's device and transmitted with typically poor quality of 8 frames per second only. In addition, features such as a text-based chat box, presentation of static images and documents, and enhanced moderator controls are available.

Torsten Graf-Oettel, mediafellows' Managing Director: "Over the past year, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated a trend we've been heavily involved in for quite some time: The audiovisual sales and distribution industry is moving further and further towards web-assisted technologies all along the sales and distribution chain. Now, with physical meetings and markets largely suspended or moved to virtual spaces, sales executives started relying even more heavily on screen-sharing calls and screening links. It makes perfect sense to integrate MediaStore's existing video streaming technology into a conferencing solution that logically expands on one of our core strengths and provides a great user experience at all ends of the conference line."

To learn more about the MediaStore conferencing tool and schedule a demo, please contact us at