Successful launch of Bavaria Media International‘s new sales and distribution website

Successful launch of Bavaria Media International‘s new sales and distribution website

Bavaria Media International‘s new website

  • 12 August 2020

mediafellows and Bavaria Media have successfully launched Bavaria Media International‘s new sales and distribution website by leveraging the latest version of the MediaStore platform, a cloud-based solution focusing on catalog and asset management and tailored client-facing sales platforms featuring state-of-the-art video streaming, easy-to-use marketing tools and granular access controls.

Joining MediaStore in 2012, European industry veteran Bavaria Media initially used the platform to service clients from German-speaking territories only, but significantly expanded their usage in 2017 when reintegrating the original international Bavaria rights catalogue that has formerly been outsourced into a subsidiary. The move to the latest MediaStore version was, besides the functional and visual upgrade, an opportunity to consolidate these separate websites into one unified presence.

Alexandra Kudelina, Bavaria Media's Sales & Marketing Coordinator: "Bavaria Media International‘s large and diverse distribution catalog has had a great home on the MediaStore platform for years. Now, with a single point of entry for our domestic and international buyers, we are even better positioned to showcase current highlights and provide targeted recommendations through an interface that’s attractive and accessible for our clients."

mediafellows project manager Stefan Hauschildt: "It has always been a pleasure to work with Bavaria Media, so we are very pleased that they chose MediaStore for the latest iteration of their sales and distribution web presence. We developed a compelling approach of hosting two hitherto separate catalogs and user groups on one platform which does away with any need for duplicate content management while still allowing for market-specific targeting, all through our up-to-date responsive client interface."

Migrating two sets of metadata, assets and users provided a challenge on multiple levels. On the one hand, domestic and international users each had to retain access to a subset of titles which should not be visible to the other; on the other hand, it was determined that titles should be assigned to a new unified genre tree. Through a combination of manual preparation and custom migration and mapping scripts, a merging and update of various data points was achieved.

The client-facing website developed for Bavaria Media International is based on MediaStore's Generic Client UI, a turnkey design template which can easily be customized to align with a specific corporate identity. Behind the scenes, the platform’s administrative portion makes it easy for Bavaria Media International to not only manage metadata and assets and take charge of marketing tools and review user analytics, but also provide divergent content and streaming access to their distinct target markets.

Bavaria Media International‘s MediaStore platform can be found at:
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