Celebrating the launch of ORF-Enterprise’s new screening platform https://contentsales.ORF.at

Celebrating the launch of ORF-Enterprise’s new screening platform https://contentsales.ORF.at

ORF/Thomas Ramstorfer

  • 22 July 2020

mediafellows and Austria based distributor ORF-Enterprise are proud to announce the successful launch of the new screening service based on the MediaStore platform, a cloud-based solution with the ability to provide client-tailored video streaming experiences enabling producers, content owners, and distributors to seamlessly connect with their clients on a global scale.

mediafellows CEO Torsten Graf-Oettel: “Having worked with ORF-Enterprise as a solution provider for the last 10 years, we fully understood the need for a visual update of their catalog and video streaming website. However, increased ease of use for employees of ORF-Enterprise, as well as a seamless integration with other on-premise systems, was also in the foreground when developing this new solution.”

ORF-Enterprise Managing Director Beatrice Cox-Riesenfelder: “ORF-Enterprise has been cooperating with mediafellows since day one. The teams on both sides have put a lot of effort into the development of a state-of-the-art platform which brings an improved screening experience to our customers – in midst of a challenging year. We have been listening closely to buyer’s demands while working on the relaunch. New features like wish lists, custom recommendations as well as an improved video player are the results of the user-centric approach.”

Based on MediaStore's white-label template mediafellows developed a semi-custom website matching the distributor’s corporate design guidelines while offering a fully responsive layout. Also, mediafellows migrated all content and assets from the previous system seamlessly into the new platform which allowed ORF-Enterprise's content team to revise the consistency and accuracy of metadata and files early on before the relaunch.

Although MediaStore contains extensive functionality to enhance the user experience already, nifty new features have been incorporated such as user-specific wish lists enabling prospective buyers to compile a flexible shopping cart-style bundle of products they want to review, instantly triggering a sales opportunity for the sales team. Also, MediaStore’s potential as a one-stop client-facing sales platform, including not only public and logged-in perspectives of the entire sales catalog but also contact pages as well as press, news, and events information, has been fully exploited.

The result is a fully integrated solution that feeds content and assets from ORF-Enterprise’s on-premise systems into MediaStore and then makes them available for further marketing purposes while providing a compelling destination for clients. Their sales team now has a wide range of enhanced marketing tools at their disposal, with each use being automatically reported into the company’s CRM system. Therefore, the new solution provides an extraordinary user experience for both ORF-Enterprise’s international sales team as well as their clients and prospects.

To learn more about ORF-Enterprise, visit: https://contentsales.ORF.at